So many writers…How many BIZARRE???

Why write, you ask? Let’s pause and look at the picture below.

Well! If one’s lugging around so many thoughts, one is bound to SPILL. When one starts SPILLING OVER, it is better to SPILL into something that feeds your soul, than SPILL over somebody and over something <if you know what I mean>; where is the WINK button when you need one!

Amateur writers I say!

The spillage can have amazingly notorious effects, mind you – so its best you ‘tame your dragons’ or ‘orchestrate your spillage’ in the most positive , therapeutic and socially acceptable way possible.

So TA-DA, that’s why I write!

As Charles Bukowski at the age of fifty, after leading a long, tedious life as a letter – filer at a post office and a failed writer, wrote to an editor, who unlike the million others finally decided to give Bukowski a chance at writing, said :

“I have one of two choices – stay in the post office and go crazy…or stay out here, PLAY AT WRITER and starve. I have decided to starve”

Charles Bukowski

So there, I had to do something about – the overwhelming need to spill, about – the boisterous finger twitching, about – the unquenchable need to offload my thoughts, about – the rebellious soul.

And so here, I pledge to pour my heart-mind-soul-body into ink.


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