I’m 37 and I feel drawn to philosophical and spiritual research. I think I’ve been drawn to it for the last 36 years (like the fast passing clips of sponged Deja Vu moments) and have worked on it in bits and pieces, but so far, I had not taken the time out for conscious deep thinking, absorption, application and teaching.

As I reviewed the Deja Vu Clips, I saw a pattern emerge and I realized I was sponging, storing and processing data on these subjects for all these years in the form of books read, essays consumed, interviews digested, a zillion quotes archived and ideologies shared with the near and dear ones.

One thing was clear. I craved for the “AHA” moment(s). The jolt in thinking – a thunderbolt of a thought process that upheavals years of conditioning and rigid value systems – the need for constant refurbishing of self and your value system.

And this deep yearning and craving for experiencing the “AHA Moments” or the need to feel empty and fulfilled at the same time; after the experience – on a day to day basis – has finally caused a revelation and a responsibility to read – research – write – share revolutionary thinking of revered individuals; in the simplest form ; which can be consumed by a regular reader on my blog.