My mantra for maximum productivity.

Messy Bun & Getting Stuff Done. Period.

A woman with a messy bun and a straight eye is a woman determined to rise. She has her priorities in place and knows how and when to get things done. Don’t fall for the silent demeanor and the cold eyes that go with the look. There are a zillion tabs open in her brain and if she is smiling at you , then its about time you get your ‘tongue in the cheek’ – quite literally.

As a matter of fact I would urge recruiters to keep an eye out for women, who line up for interviews with a high bun (even a messy one at that!). They are the ones who have an acute intent of getting the job and have landed with all the weaponry in place. Try it! You wont regret it 🙂

I will not negotiate a dime if a lady walks into a conference room with a high bun, a loud sigh and a laptop under her arm. The bun my ladies, sends a louder message than a throat clear. So next time you have that meeting you are worried about, enter 5 mins late with a bun, make room for yourself in the meeting, sit, fold your hands on the table and stare. That’s it! You are sorted.

Ever remember the mom, the aunt, the teacher, who scans a mess (of any kind) and then quite naturally sighs, rolls her eyes ….and then….and then….ties that gorgeous bun? What happens next is a magical upheaval of sorts – everything is in order – its like a quick swoosh of a magic wand and presto! The whole world is in order again. I’ve grow up with these magical women but it took me 35 yrs to tie that heavenly bun!

A bun firstly prepares your mind to attain the un-achievable, it gives you the starting torque needed to sprint forward into action and it lets you breathe – a 3D air gush that refreshes your mind and soul.

Bun = Stimulation + Confidence + Energy + Power -> Productivity

Well its never too late woman! You do need some ghastly good hair days…yes you’ve heard me right…ghastly good hair days…. ( by which I mean those slick , prim and proper days where you’ve dreamt of achieving the world and where the powder room has seen more visits that than your To-Do list). Yes you need some ghastly good hair days to understand the importance of these powerful messy buns.

Today if I need to get things done with my kids  – which include my husband, my parents, my boss, my colleagues , my maids, my service staff, my security guard and oops i forgot….my real kid  (my toddler), in a freaking 12 hrs which we call a day,  I’ve graduated to an army marshal who gets things done at the bat of an eye. In this digital jungle everybody’s smart, adept, nimble and shrewd, everybody has the potential to be efficient…all they need is a view to the high bun to move their derriere (in genteel terms) 😉

So my ladies, Get – Set – Messy Bun!

The Vuja De Life!!!

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