My Thought Catalyst

We’ve all heard of Déjà vu, a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. What struck me as an un-conventional and invigorating approach is the ability to look at familiar situations and see them anew—because this fresh perspective could help us become aware of possibilities that no one else was noticing.  This is “Vuja De”.  Not running through life on an autopilot but to do the same things with a fresh eye. To practice Vuja De; we must behave as if we are newcomers to the situation; as if we are seeing it all for the first time. Cause only then will a magical world unravel. A world with the same ups and downs but a mindset so strong that it can let you breeze through situations confidently and happily.

Vuja De is a web space that fuels this thought catalyst.  The name chosen in particular, for ignition of a simple yet extremely effective act of self discovery. 

With my writing, I hope to create a magical ‘Ta-Da’ moment for my reader. My expectation is of a simple blink or knock to your thought process; a jolt-of-sorts to let your mind analyse the multi dimensional views, to a simple mundane situation and naturally process an invigorating fresh inkling to the instance.

Bam-Whoosh! Wow – Why didn’t I think of this before? Why didn’t I look at this instance like this before?

This is VujaDe. The art of shifting focus till a crystal clear image of the instance is visible and a healthy action is then automatically triggered.

Let the magical journey of “TheVujaDeLife” begin!






I, Swati Panchadhar (SP) am a WRITER. Period.

When Gilbert’s friend in EAT-PRAY-LOVE (Movie) asked her WHAT IS YOUR WORD? It struck me like a thunderbolt. My word is ‘WORDS’. Never in my glorious 37 years have I ever been able to write succinctly. Tried like crazy but no never. Never have I ever been able to express myself clearly in speech as much I ‘pour’ in writing. I remember my early teenage days or my early wedding days where I’ve wanted to express something clearly in an argument or an extempore or a group discussion – I’ve stopped myself – told my husband or friend – can you wait – let me just text or email you a longgggggggg letter as a response to how I feel.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • I am vivacious, sassy and I shit glamour – A woman with substance – who will walk the talk – One of a kind mind you (haha)
  • Nothing beats a PERSONAL VALUE SYSTEM for me. I have a very strong value base with deep seated roots and have my family, school, teachers and friends to thank for it
  • My smile & aura lights up the world but mind you – I have a zillion thoughts in my head and a gut and nose running faster than a Cheetah
  • I am moody as hell. I want you one second and gone for 99% of the time. I want to chirp non stop on a day and shut the hell up for the next 3 days, expecting everybody to do the same
  • Being COA (Centre Of Attention) is more a by product 😉 of my personality rather than a necessity – but REMOTE COA (remind me to trade mark this work ;)) is my specialty (haha) – LION IN MY DEN – I WALK OUT – ROAR – INSPIRE- GET EVERYBODY EXCITED – THEN IMMEDIATELY DISAPPEAR / CRAWL into my den 😛 – LEAVING PEOPLE WONDERING Where the fk has she disappeared and what are we supposed to do with her ideas/passion?
  • I love PASSIONATE – REAL conversations ONLY. I should walk around with this board. I detest ‘SMALL TALK’. You will see me drift or loose all interest in our dialogue if you gossip or talk about shit, nobody is interested in. But my eyes will light up if you talk about an adventure or a struggle you won or unabashedly talk about your + and -‘s
  • I don’t know how to fake and find it very amusing to see people making a fool of themselves when they do – why in God’s name would one want to be anybody except themselves? Ah! Not a perfect world pet!
  • I day dream or live in my head 90% of the time. I have so many conversations with myself , I hardly remember what I said out aloud.
  • I get bored as soon as I master a challenge put forward. I learn things easily and quickly. Jack of all trades and master of none – except yes writing I hope!
  • No TWO DAYS can be alike. I mean it. No TWO DAYS. Did you hear me scream this out??? It’s a RULE!
  • I love adjectives and new words – proud proud logophile
  • I am worried about my usage of exclamation points
  • I hate shabby emails – clean it up people
  • Have OCD with my house – Things have to be clean from the inside and the outside – so every dress in place – every laddle stacked – every corner dusted. You need a freaking clean and cozy place to live! It’s your DEN. It has to reflect your personality. Ok i’ll talk about the home obsession in my other section
  • People and conversations drain me out. I need hours to recharge before I socialize again
  • I don’t relate to 99% of people around me and I am pretty confident (kinda sure) that nobody relates to me either. In fact people love me and have an instant connection with me but never understand my peaks and troughs of calm, silence, chirpiness, passion, creativity and wild-never-been-tried-before-ideas
  • I find the most cozy – lonely spot in every space I enter
  • I notice everything
  • I lurk in libraries – on ladders and rent or buy books based on their mind blowing smell or how tattered the book cover or pages are – the older the better
  • I call people and hum “please don’t pick up” half the time except for when I am rested and then you need to shut me up
  • Cancelled plans are my best plans
  • My husband, my son and my nanny are my best friends. Nanny is a soul friend hahaha
  • I am lazy. I have the most vivid imagination and spit creative ideas out like gushing water but delivery is my least priority. Look at my blog for instance – i am at creating content for 4+years now – please publish a book before you die Swati!
  • I take off work – sneak into coffee shops and libraries to write and read
  • PINTEREST & THESAURUS are my only go to apps for many days
  • Solo, Soul Travel and Cars are my weakness
  • Oh yes – The IN THING with me now – EXISTENTIAL CRISIS – Wait for it. Research in progress. You shall hear from me soon!!!

When I don’t “POUR IN INK”, I run the P&L for large Financial Services Accounts, at a multi national organization(s). I have spent 16 years in servicing and transforming large Fortune 500 – Banking, Insurance and Financial Services customers globally. With a Mechanical Engineering base, I dabble in IT/ BFSI Global Sales and Consulting.

The number of “I”‘s echo the COA you say? Nooooo!!!


REMOTE COA (Guilty!)

but this is my space where I can be completely and unflinchingly “REAL” with myself and my readers so yes COA OR NOT;

Hello World!


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