The contemporary world is finally embracing the true meaning of being the odd-one-out/ being weird. I’ve personally often felt a certain kinky charm in being associated with the word in itself.  I would love to be called weird/ odd cause then, you have something original – A quality that nobody else possesses, a natural knack of being different, the power of standing out and a sheen that’s fresh and oh-so-attractive!

So naturally, whenever I hear a ‘That’s Odd’! Or ‘You’re Weird’ Or ‘That’s the first I’ve seen/heard’……my eyes light up and I’m actually listening. In this mundane world, someones finally breaking the norm and waking you up from that trained sleep of thoughts! That’s got to be interesting people!

Contemporary Norm

What’s wrong being weird? What’s wrong being the odd-one-out? What’s wrong in seeing something in a bizarre, offbeat way? Something uncommon and extraordinary? What’s wrong in having that wonderful streak of passion, a thunder bolt of an idea, a brand-new line of thought (or) a light that only you can see?  Nothing! Nothing at all!

In preference, organizations today are recruiting personnel who come with unique – unconventional thought dimensions with individualistic flavors and training personnel who are willing to adapt and take the road less traveled.

Glass half full – glass half empty- not interested in the glass at all – sold the glass till you debate – interested in the inter molecular level activity in the glass –  I need new cutlery – –  What’s my margin with the glass – there are numerous ways of looking at the same situation. Then why not be amazed at every different angle than be satisfied with the same mundane two dimensional quote of looking at the glass half empty or half full?

The answer is fear leading to an inertia for change.

The fear of voicing your thoughts.

The fear of unconventional thinking.

The fear of being judged.

The fear of being rejected.

The fear of repercussions.

The fear of questioning historic summaries.

Or you are just plain lazy to give any new thought a shot 🙂

The fear sticks so swiftly with our brain that instead of letting our brain free and open to new ideas/ perceptions, we quickly tend to pick the safest option. The tried and tested one.  The brain moves to the comfortable gear and that’s it – you feel like you are sorted but in reality you have lost out on an experience that could have possibly opened doors to a million opportunities.

All this humdrum is bred and embedded into our DNA through out our growth journey. Emotional, social, genetic, cultural, economic – whatever the factors, that run our reflexes/instinctive thinking, it is critical that we cannot let it empower the mind. Our brain has the capacity to shift opinions and imagine fresh ways of looking at the same things. All we need to do is “DISCIPLINE OUR MINDS”. Yes its tough. Yes its like learning to play a musical instrument/learning a sport or a language. Yes it will get frustrating. Yes it is a tough habit to break – but effort put in tuning your mind to shift paradigms -> focus -> refocus -> and re focus -> and refocus, till the picture is crystal clear, will positively result in betterment of the ‘self’ and multiple growth opportunities.

We evolve. As a person holistically. You constantly think of new ideas and fresh ways of getting things done – this makes you less bitter, more involved, excited, intrigued, satisfied, content and happy. It gives your soul a sense of achievement , like a self ‘pat-on-the-back’. Its like your mind telling you – “Wow I learnt something new – I managed to get this done without my usual inertia – I didn’t look at this situation from this angle at all!

Instead of barking an opinion out or expressing a zillion year old tried and tested philosophy, you’ll start questioning the basics and that my friend is magic.

That is “Vuja De

For years, we have shunned the weird and embraced the common hubba-bubba. Why I’ve always wondered? When you were made to stand out quite naturally?

So today, embrace the weirdo in you, dare to be different, dare to be bold. VujaDe – The art of changing focus and not running through life on auto pilot. I would proudly wear the ‘weird’ as a crown each day – every day.

Don’t do it for others – do it for yourself – imbibe it into the crux of your being. Hammer it in 🙂 I will think differently – there is more to it than meets the eye.

Today – Dare to be awe-inspiring. Dare to be weird.

Thank you Dr.Seuss. You’ve always inspired me.

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  1. Celebration of being unique, of being an original, of individuality in thought and process.. and the embracement of flaws is what makes it an original, that which makes it a peice of marvel….!


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