Good Housekeeping is seriously underrated these days!

For all those people who know us (my sister and me), its no big news that we are fanatics in the area and advocate the subject to many friends and random acquaintances (that explains the dwindling crowd and conversations ;)) …..but nevertheless occasionally we lose track too….and its nice to be reminded again…that happiness lies in the simple things around us….

We need to shake ourselves up once in a while…to come back to reality….to juggle the right priorities in life…..I just did that…my post at 2:30PM on a Friday is evidence enough 🙂

With my nanny out of town, I had to take a 2 day break this week. When she announced this , I was like have you lost your mind? We are working 15hrs a day and not just in theory …honestly 15 freaking hours and you need a 4 day off? …After sleepless nights I just let it be….saying what the hell…Let me be a house wife for 4 days…

So yes I am full time house wife on paid leave for 4 days and O SWEET LORD….I AM LOVING EVERY BIT OF IT!. My husband, knowing me well has been quietly and patiently doing his duties around me , waiting every second that one frantic business call is going to blow me out…. But he is pleasantly surprised that I have SWITCHED OFF and literally SWITCHED OFF my all social / official/ business/ mobile media connects when family’s around (or) till every freaking house chore is complete.

So coming back to the HIGH OF GOOD HOUSE KEEPING. I’m on DAY 2 and this break is actually  meditation. Yes we have always been freaks wrt to cleaning / dusting …to the point of being categorized as an OCD patient… but how can one miss the charm of maintaining a home or NOT enjoy being a house wife?

Things like folding your baby’s clothes (smelling them in the process), stacking up clean sun dried laundry, spray cleaning mirrors till they are spotless, talking to your plants and rejoicing every bud that blossoms, re furbishing pot potpourri , organizing closets to the point where you are like – where are the new batteries and you light up to say I know where they are!….all spices neatly stacked up in the spice jars (the color spread look so amazing in transparent jars!)…Incense sticks / dhoop in the pooja room…..the contrast of haldi and kumkum…..Lavender essence on the cushion covers…tightly pulled bed sheets… hot food served at meal times….and my favorite……transparent white curtains flying with the breeze….. Did I hear Filmy and Dramatic? Oooo yah and its so nice being like that 🙂

Huh…to continue …..Once you are finally done….You sit on a window sill or in balcony or in your backyard and enjoy that cup of coffee …patting your back (coz nobody else will and you don’t care coz you are a perfectionist at heart) …..sighing for a job well done 🙂 …. Reading that novel under a shady lamp.. wrapping yourself up with that soft blanket….and smiling ( at nobody actually …but u have no idea sure even God is scared and will appreciate this smile ;))….Thank God for the Sun, for the breeze ….for the people around you…You seek happiness in hours of travel/traffic? You seek happiness in useless banter …or you seek happiness for a promotion which is highly over rated and from a person who cares a damn about you / your family? Nah!..This is happiness …right here….we just need to look around and smile wildly at the clouds….
Yes….. I completely adore women (even men) and have immense respect for them… who have a tight grip on their home needs/ décor/ cleanliness … who know what they want from a home…from life….who know when the grocery store needs a visit…who know to stack up the fridge with fruits…who insist on a work out regime despite being busy…..who won’t take no for an answer when the istri guy drops crisp clothes without folding them with a paper, where women pack hot lunches for their husbands with small compartments for dried fruits and cute portion of fruits (or) sweets ….who get their maids sweep every corner of their home….. and don’t take crap when they leave soap suds on utensils …I have heard many friends crib about their moms who are insane when it comes to home functionality but boss I think ….that insanity….that home…that discipline …that passion…brings in the positivity in a home…drives in good thoughts…..builds character ..builds vision….brings laughter and freshness…builds happy and strong men/women of the future….

And women/men who do this WITH their jobs…..with their vision and managing kids, home, health, family….They need a Padma Bhushan! And its my opinion but people who blame it on Time or Transit or Traffic or Office Chores or Being busy are just faffing it! It is possible….everything is possible….you have the time….you just need a system and the intent …..Else we crib that we are over stressed all the freaking time, when in reality our parents and grand parents have worked 10 times harder physically and mentally …when in reality its easiest to make excuses in the mobile- touch tab world!….Move you’re a**, look up from that phone, plan in advance and do things you love ….TODAY…EVERYDAY….its as simple as that!

Im really not sure, Why do Satya Nadella or the Buddha or Sachin Tendulkars of the world grab all the news? Its easier running from “Gruhasti”, abandoning your family needs, dedicating your life to a mission and gaining the fame…but to do this AFTER managing a home , ensuring your child respects you and his society , spending time with your wife/husband or parents who are sacrificing their lives for you…..IS ACTUAL SUCCESS….Yes I believe that we all need to pursue our dreams ….in process we just need to tag our home with us.

Good Housekeeping is underrated. I think I know what to add to my CV now. Accolades far and wide 🙂

A lady has to be lady like – With her manners, her en-semblance, her ideals, her vision , her home, her pot of tea, her lace doilies, her high heels – Strong, Subtle, Energetic, Vivacious, Powerful…A power pack all in all 🙂

This article is dedicated to all the lovely ladies & guys out there, who have inspired me over the years to nurture a “GOOD HOME”.

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